Mason Bees

Link for downloading the book provided by the Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education

Researchers on the Integrated Crop Pollination Project discovered that using managed BOBs and honey bees together improves pollination and increases nut set in almonds.

Presented by: Theresa Pitts-Singer, Utah State University for the ICP 2017 Bee Health Webinar Series: Ensuring Crop Pollination in US Specialty Crops

One of the farms Watts Solitary Bees has worked with. They have used mason bees to pollinate the largest organic almond orchard in California.


Leafcutter Bees

incubation calendar

28-day incubation instructions for alfalfa leafcutting bee

other resources

project apis m., seeds for bees

Seed mixes and methods to establish forage that supports pollinators in California's orchards.